Why no one drives electric cars.

Why no one drives electric cars.

Well it’s pretty fucking obvious isn’t it? 

It’s because everyones afraid to look like a little pussy. O no I look like I care about the planet that must mean i’m a faggot. I mean what else could it be? That brand new Charger you see fucking everywhere is the same price as a hybrid that will get you anywhere. 

O well maybe it makes sense that they use the shittiest looking car bodies, spend about no fucking money on advertising, and just blindly leave you uneducated about your choices, so you don’t buy them.

O but why wouldn’t they want me to buy one?

O well you fucking idiot, who owns the world besides the banking cartels? O maybe it’s there damn siamese twin attached at the hip the oil companies. O duh!

Even though that has nothing to do with the fact that the average person is retarded and can’t figure anything out themselves. O wait there not the ones who control all the lobbying for senators and congressman and decide who gets what money where are they? HMMM…. I wonder how much money they put into the educational system, and renewable energy resources compared to war and oil..

I mean it’s not like our dollar is connected to oil and war. (cough cough the Petrol Dollar)

It’s not like the richest corporation in the world (cough cough Shell Company) would stand anything to lose. 

I mean there just fighting with everything they have to help the world build renewable energy resources so we don’t destroy our planet, but they just don’t have enough money. Cause it’s not like money isn’t a fictional piece of paper that represents a debt that has been passed down for generations, and has been multiplied by those in power to be misrepresenative of said debt. And it’s not like 1% of the population owns 90% of the wealth. And it’s definitely not like these people pay for war, help famine nations, make sure people can’t provide for their famlies, and make essential items unattainable for countries in need. And it’s not like they do this all while they travel the world in their yachts sipping champagne, eating their lobster, and planning the next Bilderburg group meeting. Nope not at all.  

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