Why Ordering Magic Mushroom Spores is Legal?

Why Ordering Magic Mushroom Spores is Legal?

Whenever I think about the absurdity of the drug war, this legislation always lingers. I find it hilarious though that in almost every state in the U.S. besides Georgia, Idaho, or California you can order the reproductive materials for magic mushrooms legally. Of course on any site that you order them it reads for microscopic study, but don’t kid yourself.

We all know that there ordered to be grown either for personal use or for sale on the black market. I personally believe if some one in sound mind wishes to take these magic mushrooms it should be their choice, but I don’t believe so much in the black market. Many people may wonder why it’s legal to buy the spores and not the mushrooms, while much of this will be speculation i’ll give you one good hypothesis.

The people that run this country don’t want the drug war to end, but want to fuel it. The drug war creates jobs all across the United States and even the World. It is the major reason for the sheer size of police forces in local communities, and provides the finances for multiple multinational drug enforcement agencies. There are many people in government and corporations that make fast sums playing both sides of the drug war.

There are literally dozens of drugs that one can simply order online and grow, or synthesize themselves. However once synthesized or grown you have completed a crime. It could be as simple as growing some poppy seeds from your cabinet. They want you to be tempted into it. Many become drug dealers because of how simple and lucrative it can be. It doesn’t take much to grow pounds of shrooms or ounces of cannabis, or too synthesize grams of dmt.

Most the times if you do something like this as long as you don’t tell anyone, or try to sell it on the black market you’ll be fine. That’s because it’s not that big of a deal to them. Yes the NSA probably knows exactly what you’re doing but they are unlikely to tell your local police department to come get you. It’s normally because your not big enough to pay the bills. A drug dealer can make money fast.

After a drug dealer makes his money the government comes in too take it all and often times more. They will normally strip you of most everything you own, your house, your car, all your savings. All this money goes straight into Uncle Sam’s pockets. Your belongings are normally auctioned off too high level police officers, who normally work together to get everything for cheap. Then the cash is normally split up in the court systems.

With all these people making money why would any of them want that to end. Many people who actually make the drugs are usually financed by a third party to start. This third party is often high level government, or cartel who normally has a few inside men in the local drug enforcement area. At that point the most dangerous part legally is the distribution.


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