Why the Government Doesn’t Want Cannabis to be Legal.

Why the Government Doesn’t Want Cannabis to be Legal.

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It’s clear that many people in the United States and many other nations want cannabis to be legalized for medicinal and recreational use. Although there are some undesirable effects of cannabis use; when compared to many legal substances in the U.S. such as Alcohol or Tobacco, it is relatively harmless.

Cannabis is also one of the oldest known medicinal plants in the world dating back thousands of years into the Ayurvedic literature. Hemp seeds are nutritionally exemplary providing protein and beneficial omega fats into one’s diet. Eating Cannabis raw has also shown to decrease heart disease risk, and various other illnesses.

Cannabis use has also shown to help provide pain relief as well as a decrease occurrences of seizures in epileptics, help decrease nausea, help insomnia, and many other benefits.

This has been extremely helpful for many individuals that are injured or have serious medical conditions such as Cancer, Aids, Epilepsy, Insomnia, Arthritis, and many other minor and chronic conditions.

So why would the Government want to stop the production and criminalize the possession of such a beneficial plant? Even though society has already proven its health benefits and variety of uses in industry settings.

It’s all about the money, thats truly what its about. Could you imagine what would happen if Cannabis became legal tomorrow? Think about how many people would lose their jobs.

Facts about marijuana. Marijuana's contribution to traffic accidents and fatalities. Number of people arrested in the United States for marijuana possession. Commonality of weed including number of users. In'dept information about cannabis possession arrests.Famous people arrested for Marijuana.Lets take a look at the criminal nature of Cannabis.

Most arrests made in the United States are for drug offenses, with over half being related to the possession, sale, cultivation, or trafficking of Cannabis.

For the Executive and Judicial branches of our government this is BIG money.

Some of those who acquire money from these restrictions in this billion dollar industury are Judges, Lawyers, Police Officers, Probation Officers, Drug Dealers and Support Groups on both sides of the legalization of Cannabis.

So if Cannabis was legalized nationwide imagine how many of these individuals woud lose their jobs without a safety net. And how many more people will be out on the streets and not in Prisons looking for jobs.

How many of these individuals would turn to a life of crime, due to their incapacity to find a job? It’s easy to imagine many of them relying on violent crimes, larceny, fraud, and the transportation, production, and sale of harder drugs just to get by.

This in turn would create a endless cycle of hiring and firing of law personel.

This is just one of the reasons why the legalization of Cannabis is taking so long, because our government is not ready to cope ecspecially with our failing financial system.

However many states have done a very good job migrating these effects by only legalizing it for medical use creating new revenue streams for doctors. All while using high taxes to fund new developmental programs for education, health care, agriculture, and renewable energy resource development.

Along with all these benefits the production of medical and recreational Cannabis in itself creates new jobs. Many investors have already jumped at the chance to support the production of Cannabis. In addition organizations such as Grow houses and Cannabis Clubs have sprouted all over the country, creating jobs for growers and sales associates. Even the Government has gotten into it by increasing the need for permits for the development of the infrastructure of Cannabis Clubs and Cultivation Centers.

Now that we’ve taken a look into how the legalization of Cannabis will effect the Modern Uses for the Cannabis Plant  Infographicexecutive branch let’s take a look at how it will effect industry. It is well known that hemp has thousands of uses in industry.

This has been known for thousands of years and even helped build the infrastructure of many countries. Even in the beginning of America in 1619, The Virginia Company by decree of King James I, required every colonist to grow 100 plants specifically for export.

However the ability to produce Cannabis became very prohibitive in the United States after the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was enacted. This act however has come under much scrutiny in recent years due to the fact that major supporters of the Act had major holdings in the Timber industry, which may have been threatened by the recent invention of the “decorticator”.

The decorticator allowed the ability to easily extract the fibers from Hemp plants which made Cannabis a viable alternative to timber for the creation of paper, rope, and many other textile products. Popular Mechanics in their February 1938 issue even praised Hemp as the new billion dollar crop that would change industry forever due to the decorticator.

However at the same time many propagandist, racist, yellow journalistic papers and movies were produced that claimed Cannabis made people go crazy, likely to go insane on a killing rampage. Many of these articles and movies have been shown to have been funded by people of interest in corporate holdings of timber and nylon, and new government organizations that focused on earning revenue from criminalizing the production of Cannabis and other substances. While many of these articles and films such as Refer Madness focused on white suburban teens that were once notable citizens going crazy. Many others focused on slandering African Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans implying that they were the major users of the drug and under it’s influence were likely to kill and rape white women.

So how does this relate to today.

Besides much of the propaganda that were taught and reinforced through our life, paper and many textiles are still currently made from Timber. The production and manufacturing of Timber is not only more costly to the environment, but also requires more labor, and is significantly more dangerous.

Hemp also is vastly more versatile when creating clothing as well. Being highly more efficent then producing cotton. This will not only help the environment, but it will help decrease labor, and improve our ability to clothe the world. This will free up land to be used for agricultural needs which can help us feed the starving people of the world.

Hemp has the ability to be turned into cleaning products, food products, construction products. We have hemp seed oil, hemp shampoo, hemp moisturizer, and many other fascinating products. Hemp has so many uses in so many industries and because it is a weed it is one of the most simple, easiest, and fastest plants to grow. Yet all these great things make it “Dangerous to the Status Quo”.

By allowing citizens to grow it, many textile industries will go bankrupt. And of course don’t forget about the pharmaceutical industries; think about all the people that will not have to buy prescription medicines anymore, but instead can grow a plant for pennies on the dollar. So many industries will lose their way of life.

This will decrease stock prices of many Corporations. The same Corporations that are able to afford the lobbying for high end government officials.

Once again many will lose their jobs and citizens will be more capable of producing their own products closer to home.

While many speculative markets will go through a complete revolution and a few stock brokers may lose money, the real ones that will suffer are CEOs.

It’s easy to see the many disadvantages of legalizing cannabis from a certain perspective.

Many current industries will fail, the production of many products will stop. Many people including cops, lawyers, judges, marketers, CEO’s, financial advisers, manufacturing laborers, and countless others will lose their jobs.

Yet lets take a look at the advantages.

Third World countries will be attacked less by governments, and be more capable of producing their own foods and products. Less lifes will be wasted in Prison. Less money will be stolen from friendly productive citizens. Less men and women will be placing their lifes in danger over a failing drug war. We’ll completely destroy giant criminal rings that exponge money from our society.

Well have a product capable of producing thousands of textile products, with a fraction of cost in labor and to the environment. Well have a medicine with less side effects that’s also safer to develop then the many that are being produced.

When more people start growing Cannabis at home, they will be more capable to grow their own food. Decreasing the stress on our agricultural systems, and providing better nutrition for people around the world.

All this together will mean less work for everyone, safer work environments, a cleaner environment, longer lifes.

So we might lose some jobs, but doesn’t that mean less work for our society? Wouldn’t this allow us more time with our family and friends, and more time for education?

While our government is standing the way, “We the People” are the ones that control government.

So if we really want this plant to be legal, arent we the ones responsible to make it so?

So I ask you to ask yourself one question “Whose really standing in the way?”.



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