Why We Should Have a Direct Democracy.

Why We Should Have a Direct Democracy.

Why We Should Have a Direct Democracy!

We are at war with ourselves.

For millenniums society has been controlled by a system of governance that favors the livelihood of a upper economic class and their kin. Many of them believe themselves to be elite based only on the circumstances their of birth. These individuals and their families, poison our waters, food, and minds. These people control our governments, and media purposely turning the general public against itself.

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We have fallen under their system of control that devalues human life, and suppresses intelligence. Yet collectively we are strong, and we are destined to take back control of this world; and now is our time to fight for what is rightfully ours. If we don’t take up this challenge, if we don’t push back we will continue to fall under them. Our environment and our world will continue to crumble. They have infiltrated our schools and our homes to decay our minds. We must fight back if we’re going to have a brighter future.

Our Current System

Our current system has changed little throughout history, yet our capacity for change has increased monumentally. Together as a species we can come together and build a brighter future for tomorrow, and dethrone our captors that have held our integrity and ability for growth hostage.

Our system of governance was originally established centuries ago. Many of the ideas were grand and remarkable however throughout the years times of changed. The electoral college was established due to much of our population being incapable of reading and communicating with each other, and for cities to have less control over the vote than rural areas.

Those times are now gone and with them should be the old ways of doing things. While we want to maintain the power maintaining districts gives to localities, and states, the real process we need to change is the power individual voters have when they feel misrepresented by their government representatives.

We Must Fight For Power

No more can we stand by, held hostage as they plan for the end of our life’s and expedite the destruction of our homes. We must stand together; unite and take back our futures. No more can we fight wars to profit the heathens, that care so very little for the future of our life.No more can we let corporations and lobbyists refrain us from doing what’s right.

Only together can we bring a lasting peace that can annihilate the evils that plaque our homes. Only together can this world push through to bounds never before conceived. If we sit idly by our destruction will be imminent, and our minds will be even further enslaved. We must take action now to acquire what is truly meant to be ours.

Get Rid of The Evil in Our Government.

We must get rid of the laws that have been to divide us. Only together can we grow what’s meant to restore us. Our branches of governments have already been breached by the ill minded, legislation is being controlled to confine us. Orders have been given to the executives to destroy us.

All while the Judges have been sentenced to enslave us. If we give all our powers to the destroyers, destruction is all that we will ever know. We must mend our minds and start anew and bring about a peace that can never be destroyed. Only then may we reach a higher state of being. Imagine if we were capable of electing and de-electing public officials online at any moment. How many public officials would be cut for making mistakes and treating there position in office poorly?

Imagine What We Can Achieve.

Imagine if we were capable of getting laws on our yearly ballots all online.

How many laws that would be beneficial to our society would be passed in a single year? 

Imagine if us citizens truly had complete control over which legislation was passed in our world.

Our senate would go through a complete overhaul. No longer would we have incompetent officers in the Presidential Cabinet. Elections would be less about slandering and corporate lobbying, and more about the integrity of the candidate and how they plan to help the world.

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