Why You Should Worry About Your Fitness.

Why You Should Worry About Your Fitness.

Some people just workout to lose weight, others just do it too gain muscle. But it’s very clear that not enough people are working out. Obesity rates have skyrocketed in America due to over consumption of foods, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise. At the very least you should at least exercise for 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, many however don’t even do this. This like I said before is the bare minimum.

Without exercise your blood becomes stagnant increasing your cholesterol levels, fat levels, and destroying your bodies insulin response. This leaves your body weak with poor muscularity, poor bone density, and poor flexibility; all of which increase your chances of receiving injury. Without proper aerobic and anaerobic exercise your body’s central nervous system does not produce the proper chemicals in your body to live a healthy life.

Without a proper fitness and nutrition regimen your body will fail to produce enough red and white blood cells for functional living. Your lungs will be incapable of absorbing proper amounts of oxygen from the air. Your body will fail to detoxify itself. Your metabolism will slow. Your VO2 max will remain low. Your testosterone will lower, and you won’t produce proper amounts of dopamine or endorphins to live a happy lifestyle. This will create dependency on drugs to maintain balance between mental and physical health, all will various side effects.

Lack of exercise has shown to:

Increase Chance of Cardiovascular Disease
Increase Chance of Cancer
Increase Chance of Obesity
Increase Chance of Osteoporosis
Increase Chance of Diabetes
Increase Chance of Anxiety
Increase Chance of Depression
Decrease Cognitive Functioning


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