Will there ever be Peace in this World?

Will there ever be Peace in this World?

It’s hard to know.

But the ones out there that truly care hope so, and that’s what were fighting for. But those of us that are truly there know that while many of these battles are fought with our hands that the true war is with in our minds.

Only we are capable of being peaceful.

Only we can bring this world together.

Without us there is nothing no peace, no war.

We are the real factor.

But if we continue down a path of hatred everything may end.

But if we fight for peace of mind. We will feel such peace and love. We will understand the way the world, our people are supposed to life. All that anxiety will be nothing, because of how much love we will have to breath in.

The evil in our world can never be unlearned, but we can close that door in our mind. And that will open such things that will allow us to call this Heaven on Earth.

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