World Hunger Challenge

World Hunger Challenge

Welcome to The World Hunger Challenge.

Where we are challenging the world to raise enough money to end world hunger for a year. Will this actually work you may wonder. That’s something that I don’t even know myself. Can it work, of course it could work. We could do a 180 turn around tomorrow and begin feeding just about everybody. We have enough resources to feed every living person. Our economics however stop us from doing so. The biggest hurdle is moving resources and rebuilding damaged infrastructures. The aid that we have give many of the economically challenged countries of today’s world has actually hurt many of its citizens. While these programs were set up with the best intentions, it made the countries reliant on us.

It’s ironic that us trying to help them has actually hurt them. The problem is that we have helped them in the wrong way. We are not creating jobs for the citizens of countries most affected by world hunger. Such as when we bring them food, or say mosquito nets. We often provide these things for free. However the people who would have developed the nets or grown the food in that area never got those jobs, never made any money, they weren’t taxed by their country the state didn’t receive any funding, the communities didn’t get any extra finance from them. This in itself is a problem. One of the bigger problems is that much of the financial aid that is allocated to that country is controlled by war lords, and corrupt politicians, much of that money never makes it to the citizens that need it.

However if we built farms, and hired local citizens in the area, and provided them with subsidies, not only could we feed the impoverished, but we could raise the poverty level of the area. We need to not only help provide them with resources, but help them provide those resources for themselves. They need a basic infrastructure to help them build up. This includes the development of many industries, and providing the citizens with access to an education and health care needs. While they could theoretically attain these things on their own if we could help push them in the right direction.

At the current moment not only are economically challenged countries being taken advantage of by multinational corporations, but often by their own governments. Part of this is the developed worlds fault for allowing the banking systems, and corporations to take such a large control over the world without proper regulation. This has allowed them to be be corrupt and corrupt many countries and industries that they have come to control. Those however are problems that need to be dealt with legislatively through out the world.

However getting back to the point, the United Nations claims that it would take an ~ 30 billion dollars to end world hunger for a year. If that money is ever raised for that purpose we will then have an existing foundation to build on for the generations to come. Any donation will be kept until the money is completely raised. At that point we will be accepting plans of how the money should be spent. At that point we will have each plan be voted on by registered users, and politicians worldwide.

Ideally the plan will ship some of the brightest minds in many different industries around the world to where there most needed, while also bringing together local communities and providing them with livable wages. This will consist of large agricultural industries in Africa, Asia, and lobbying for better standards of food handling and dispensing around the world, specifically in developed nations where as much as 50% of their food is thrown away and wasted a year. These few changes could easily help in the ending of world hunger.

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