Your Brain on MDMA.

Your Brain on MDMA.

MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine) also widely known as Molly, or Ecstasy and many other commonly used names. MDMA is empathogenic drug that belongs to the phenethylamine, and amphetamine class of drugs.

MDMA has a long history of use since being synthesized by George Greer in the lab of Alexander Shulgin. Once synthesized It quickly began to see many uses in psychotherapy, before becoming main stream in the EDM dance scene.

It’s widespread use through out the world, is due to the common effects that many users feel on MDMA including:

Empathy, feelings of love, decreased anxiety, and extra energy.

This is due to its effects on the serotonergic, and dopaminergic parts of the brain. The serotonergic parts is what gives MDMA the trippy lucidity that is loved by many, while dopamine effects the pleasure award centers of the brain making you feel accomplished.

However all the great parts of the drug is what also makes it addictive and dangerous. Too much MDMA or a wrong mixture of drugs can cause sertogenic syndrome which can cause extreme headaches, nausea, comma, and death. The effects on the dopamine center give it an extra addictive quality, although many contribute the best effects to the serotgenic effects.

Due to the high release sertonin and dopamine in the blood stream long term use and high doses can cause damage to many brain receptors, making it increasingly harder for individuals to feel happy and accomplished without the use of narcotics. It has been shown long term use can negatively impact short term memory, concentration, and many other parts of everyday life.

The effect of MDMA on dopamine and serotonin on the brain also increases heart rate. The increase in heart rate also causes vascoconstriction. These effects make it very dangerous for users with heart conditions and can cause hypothermia, dehydration, and many other negative effects.

However used for the short term on rare occasions with psychotherapy has improved many peoples live. It has been shown to help people confront their problems without fear and anxiety and truly open up to therapists. It has helped many overcome problems with PTSD, chronic fear, anxiety, depression, and helped rehabilitate negative thought patterns in many users.

However it is mostly used in the EDM scene, which can still be equally as beneficial with the right set and setting. Yet can be dangerous cause many times people will be sold Methamphetamines, MDA, MDE, MDOH and many other analogous drugs. Some of these drugs do not have the same enlighting experiences due to decrease in serotogenic activity which can cause increased anxiety, fear, and pressure on cardiadic systems.

If you choose to roll on MDMA remember to always roll safely, drink plenty of water, and make sure in the right set and setting!

Share your Experiences on MDMA.

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