BeFree.Earth 1st Draft

BeFree.Earth 1st Draft

This is my idea, and on a long enough timeline I think this is what’s going to happen.

To get started.

BeFree.Earth aims to be a company owned by everyone, where everyone has equal voting rights around the world that will be hosted through a website online. Voting power will be affected by the boundaries of the world and all current nations, states, and localities, to prevent nations, states, or localities from taking advantage or purposely destroying the culture of other nations, states or localities.

Our first goal is to create a global fund; where all profits from BeFree.Earth will be dispersed, and every verified member will be allocated an equal part of the profits, which the user can then donate to a list of projects approved by the verified users of BeFree.Earth. Our goal is to reach 100 million verified users

it is going to be used to take control of every corporation of the world. We as a society will buy up 51%, of every corporation we need to make right, and fair, and equal. We as a society will then get to vote on the positions required in the company, how many employees they need, and what the fair value is. The employees shall also have voting rights. For every decision made by corporations, the workers should have to agree as well.

National governments wont be able to be superseded by a world with say 51% agreement , because the human population wouldn’t let that happen there would be a number democratically agreed on by the world. Every national governments people would vote for a high number of world votes before a global initiative could infringe upon a nation out of fear a nation would want to infring upon them. Like say 90% of global population said lets rescue people out of North Korea then that would probably happen. 

Can you imagine the power the people would have if only 1/3 of the population donated 1 dollar a day to the global fund? We could take back control of corporations, end war, feed the hungry, build a planet based on renewable energy. If we worked together there would be no limit to what we could achieve.

In this agreement, corporate actions cannot take place in the world, country, state, or locality, unless a democratic agreement has been made by the occupants of that area, and workers of the corporation in that area. Although we should have nationals in any place where there could be a corruption of power, or where research that is dangerous to society takes place. The nationals should be decided democratically between nations. This is where people will really need to communicate with each other to help prevent atrocities.

The global fund will increase in value from stock, and assets, that it has been given, as well as from ads on the website the global fund is hosted on, ads in specified nations, states, and localities will go to their own foundation. This website would need to be the most secure website in the world, ran by the best developers in the world. The number of developers should be decided democratically by the human population, so should their pay, at least eventually.

In the beginning we will start with a social network, with a marketplace, and business listings. The social network should have filterable verified, and unverified accounts. Unverified accounts can vote, but they won’t be counted, only recorded. Every user will have the ability to buy stocks, crypto, and assets, for themselves, and to donate to the global fund. All extra proceeds from the global fund, after expenditure of already agreed upon contracts by verified users, that come from fiat donations, dividends, and from ad revenue, will be distributed in accordance with a vote by all verified users. If a verified user wishes they can give their vote to any other verified user, this can be done on a per topic basis. This would allow for a version of representative democracy, on the site itself. For example someone can give their vote their favorite doctor for laws based around health care. 

Users will be able to use the funds in their profile to purchase goods, through this site, and all others online. They will also be allowed a debit card to access their funds in real time across the globe. To keep transactional costs low this should be done eventually through blockchain technology.

The global fund will ultimately be used for the human population to take control of the corporations that have collectively been acquiring an overabundance of assets. For example, Black Rock who uses A.I. to acquire assets, yet many of these assets are family homes. Often times, they may remain on the market indefinitely. With a global fund we can acquire this housing, and democratically decide what is done with the asset, whether it be to rent it out with proceeds returning to the global fund, to sell in the future, or to provide as free housing to those in need. In time this would allow the use of all foreclosed property around the world to be used democratically for public use.

This will also allow for the general public to take control of all utilities, and resources needed to advance our society. If you look at certain mining industries around the world you will see many in squaller, yet we have machines that sit idle, and allow them to use child slavery instead to acquire minerals and other resources. This is all done, not often because we lack the ability or infrastructure to accomplish these goals in a sustainable fashion, but because corporations, want to maintain inflated prices, and economic despair in specified regions to maintain leverage over the population to maximize profits. However, with the current status quo we are wasting vast amounts of human energy daily, that can be utilized in far more efficient means.

Everyone will also have the option to donate to a fund that is democratically controlled for their nation, state, and locality, and to any other nation, state, and locality. The proceeds from the global fund will also be able to be sent democratically to any specified region as well. The disbursement of funds will be completed by proportion of votes received. While every person will have the power of one vote they will be able to vote as many times as they want.

For example, global fund = $100, with 100 users that have voted before fund disbursement, if a user votes once for project a, then project a would receive $1. However, in the same scenario if user voted twice, if they voted for both project a, and project b, then both projects would receive only $.50. The same rules will apply for the funds for nations, states, and localities. After the disbursement of funds to all contracts binding, users will vote for when to disburse funds, or funds could be disbursed starting at the end of each day. The same type of mechanism can be used similiarily on voting democratically for laws.

It has become abundantly clear to me in my years on this Earth, that nepotism, and generational wealth has allowed a very small percent of people, who are not adequate to properly manage the scope of their assets. It has become clear that the people in power are corrupt and will cause war, and allow people to starve, will not properly pay their debts to society, just in their effort to protect their bottom line; and that us as the human population we are the only ones with the ability to stop them.

Imagine on the site if it was made today, every verified citizen in Russia makes an account. They vote online where it can be seen by the world whether they agree with the war, where Putin has his own social profile with a popularity scale with a top-rated questions section with questions coming in from his own citizens that want answers. Eventually people will ask why he has refused to come on and answer these questions. And for the questions that are answered there can be discussion and vote on whether the general public agrees or disagrees with the answer, or the population can respond with a public statement that is voted upon. Now imagine this type of scenario in every country at the same time for all representative. The people want answers, deserver anaswers, and our tired of not being heard.

Allowing for registered voters to show who they wish to vote for online prior to elections will also increase the ability for third parties such as the Green Party to advance in governments that have fallen into dichotomy. Will allow for citizens to compare online the outcomes of our votes, versus the votes tallied by the government, this will expose election corruption around the world. We should allow the voting of constituents, both by total popularity and by ranked voting. Think about recently in the United States, where it was hypothesized the election was stolen. We already have the technology to show in real time who we want to be President, who we want our Representatives to be. Why aren’t we using it?

The website will eventually be run through the extra hash of every computer connected to the network. With back ups across the globe. This will make sure it never goes down. The extra hashing power will be used to complete complex scientific computations. The computations that get the extra hash will also be determined by the human population, aka verified users. This will help us cure disease, travel in space, and complete complex missions on our planet.

We will eventually, democratically own the government. We will keep representatives, their job will be to explain their positions, research, and opposition to proposed bills, and will tell the public how they wish to vote. However, the representative’s decision will be decided and can be changed, by the people. Of course, this will have to be done over several years. Once the infrastructure of creating a world database of all registered voters is done, we should have a number of nationals voted in to do a world census. This should be done at least a few times a year. This should be done to validate all voters, and to search for people who may need help.

Eventually as a people we will democratically realign all localities. The boundaries of every country, state, and locality will be determined by the human population, as well as the flow of money. We as society will decide the fate of our world, rather than those that have acquired power through wealth by birthright. If this succeeds the power will truly be with the people, and to me this an important step for us to exit the Industrial Age, and enter into a Scientific Revolution.

My world goal is to end world hunger, bring humanity together.

In my eyes if you have the ability to end world hunger, and don’t you are responsible for  9 million deaths a year. It’d only take .3175% of the net worth of billionaires to end world hunger for the year. Remember that billionaires only make up .0000004% of the human population. Ask yourself do these people really care about us?

While this project may be a big risk, if completed it could completely change discourse of modern society, and if successful those who were brave enough to try would be remembered forever. While it may also seem crazy to some, there is vast population of democratic socialists, with not a single one coming out with an idea or foundation this solid to achieve its goals. I believe if this website was built and marketed by even only one person with a large following in the democratic socialist party it would take off.

I was quoted at least $200k to have this website built, looking for help.

I have many more ideas.

The website is currently going to be called BeFree.Earth and will be up to receive donations shortly. 

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